Team: Cogito Project

Country: United States of America 🇺🇸

Boats: Cogito (USA104), Aethon (USA105)

Principal: Steve Clark

Steve Clark’s history with C class catamarans goes a long way back, as his father became the first US boat to come over to the UK to challenge for the new International Catamaran Challenge Trophy, (which was to become known as the “little Americas Cup”), losing to Hellcat in 1962.

Although Steve had been part of Tony DiMauro’s Patient Lady team, he began down the road of his ow challenge with the Cogito Project, which celebrates it 20th year with an aggressive program to capture the International C Class Catamaran Championship this September.

The Boats

Two boats are being prepared:

Cogito (USA 104), was the last C class catamaran to win the ICCT in 1996 also won the 2004 inaugural challenge for the ICCCCC. Today Cogito has a revamped and significantly lightened wing. Her foils are being updated to capture the developments of the last few years. With the reduced weight of the new wing and the upgraded foils, this is not a trial horse, but a legitimate contender for any trophy.

Aethon (USA 105), which had a brief but brilliant showing in the 2010 ICCCC, still has to prove her potential, which most believe is significant. Aethon’s 2010 wing was not used in competition and was troubled by a number of control and surface problems. It was reworked in 2011.  The team, led by Oliver Moore, spent 2012 to ironing out the control issues and believe they have the innovative full-span twist capacity sorted. New surfaces are being manufactured to an altered planform.

A new third wing has also been designed and is under construction.  This has some new features, but is also intended to maximize the weight savings pioneered of the rebuilt 1996 wing and the revamped 2010 wing. Both boats are expected to start training in late May.  The new wing is expected to be completed by midsummer for trials before the boats are shipped to England.

The sailing team consists of Steve Clark, Oliver Moore, Lars Guck and Max Kramers. Other members are Coach Duncan MacLane, Performance Analyst Len Dolhert, Operations Specialist Sam Moore, and David Hubbard Emeritus Supreme Wing Nut.

The Team

Steve Clark is the instigator of the Cogito Project.  He grew into this role from an early age.  He designs, builds and sails his boats, and has done pretty well at it. He is credited with keeping the C Class torch light through 15 years of darkness and with inspiring the current AC72 class.

Oliver Moore is crew and alternate helmsman. He is a talented builder and sailor who races A class Catamarans and DN iceboats.  He is an engineer at Hall Spars in Bristol.

Lars Guck is a helmsman. He is a boat builder and widely renowned for the preparation and attention to detail he brings to any program.  He races everything from classic 6 meters to A class catamarans. He has won multiple US, North American Championships and world championships in several classes. He campaigned a Tornado for 3 Olympic cycles.  If he doesn’t win, he is always close.

Max Kramers is the newest member of the sailing team. He is a graduate of Rhode Island University in Mechanical Engineering and a life long small boat expert. He is assisting with the build of the last round of wings and building the custom electronics that are part of the performance evaluation package.  He has many hours racing and fits right in.

Duncan MacLane is well known to catamaran sailors not only as the helmsman of the Patient Ladies and Cogito, but also for his work with Stars and Stripes 88 and 5 America’s Cup teams. Along with David Hubbard, Duncan pioneered the wing sail catamaran and perfected the control systems that are the world wide standard.  Duncan is also a highly successful match racer and serves as our coach.

Len Dolhert has a PhD from MIT and has a long track record of success in technology and management.  He is in charge of developing our performance monitoring equipment and analyzing the results.  Len’s goals are to provide us with the tools to accurately understand how the boats perform and help us continuously improve.

Sam Moore is responsible for getting the crews and boats on and off the water and making sure that everything that has broken has a plan to get fixed in time for the next training session or race.

David Hubbard is the great man of the C Class.