Team Portugal

Team: Team Cascais

Country: Portugal 🇵🇹

Boat: 1 x TBD

Principal: António Reis

A new challenger coming from Portugal

The Team

Following on the inspiring presentation of SteveClark at the 2010 YRDT Estoril conference, the process to have Portuguese challenger at the 2013 event was initiated. Optimal Structural Solutions teamed up with Tony Castro Design, to create an all Portuguese partnership for this significant challenge.

With the support of Cascais village, we have developed a brand new catamaran for this competition relying on the most advanced technologies, covering aerodynamic, hydrodynamic, materials, lightweight structures and controls.

We are looking forward to compete with the best, in one of the most technologically advanced sailing classes.

The Crew

Tony Castro – Our Naval Architect and sporting manager. His wealth of expertise speaks for itself, and his contribution makes success achievable,

António Reis – Our Engineering Manager and team principal. Bringing in his knowledge of lightweight structures, covering from aeronautics to F1, he drives the design process towards the optimal solution.

Manuel Torres – Our Manufacturing Manager, while allowing the largest possible timeframe for engineering, he pushes the manufacturing team towards delivering the catamaran on time,

The crew – To be Announced Soon

Optimal Structural Solutions and Tony Castro Yachts Teams – The irreplaceable ones!!

The boat



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