Team: Team Hydros

Country: Switzerland 🇨🇭

Boats: Hydros Lombard Odier (SUI1796)

Principal: Jeremie Lagarrigue

Two catamarans bearing the Hydros colours will represent Switzerland at the next Little America’s Cup, which will take place at Falmouth next year. Besson and Lagarrigue will sail the first catamaran, and a team selected by Daniel Schmaeh, the helmsman and skipper of record-breaking l’Hydroptere.ch, will sail the second one.

The Team

Jeremie Lagarrigue sailed the old C-class catamaran, “Patient Lady VI”, in 2010, and this was the launchpad for the Team Hydros challenge in 2013. Jeremie has long been associated with the foiling trimaran project of Alain Thebault, L’Hydroptere, which held the outright world speed sailing record briefly.

Speed sailing and C class seem to go together, with Paul Larson’s Sailrocket links with Invictus and the Australians Yellow Page team with MacQuarrie Innovation! The well-funded 2013 challenge from Hydros will be one of the ones to watch in September!

The Crew

Jérémie Lagarrigue is an engineer and first-class sailor who has crewed aboard several prestigious yachts (Groupama, l’Hydroptère, Crèpes Wahou) and F18 sport catamarans, winning multiple medals at the French, European and world championships.

He has solid technical skills, which he acquired at university and during his employment with PSA Peugeot Citroën. Over the course of his career – he headed up a motorcycle team in the early 2000s, before moving to catamaran firm Mattia, where he was a racer and head of development – Jérémie has always sought to marry sporting performance, technological development, and project management.

As head of marketing and development at Hydros, his varied experience and expertise make him the perfect sounding board for sailors, technicians, and project partners alike.

Mischa Heemskerk, world A class champion in 2012 joined the team and brings world class sailing talent to Hydros. They are taking no chances!

The Boat

With their extensive experience with the Hydroptere, Team Hydros will certainly be looking to showcase some new foil technology.

Early pictures of the wingsail certainly show very high build quality. The team will be sailing from Falmouth in late July/August, so if you are there, take a trip down to Mylor!