Team France

Team: Challenge France

Country: France 🇫🇷

Boat: Patient Lady VI (FRA2)

Principal: Benjamin Muyl

“The Little America’s Cup provides a rare thing: a small team, a challenge for technical and sporting international level, while maintaining an atmosphere of sharing experience and knowledge.

I am very fortunate to have been able to initiate the project Challenge France, to be able to combine the best skills and be able to involve the school that trained me, the Arts and Crafts. 

From beautiful stories are born great victories! “.

The Team

Team principle Benjamin Muyl was part  of the French team which challenged in 2010, using Patient Lady VI on loan from Fred.

The Crew

Gwénolé Gahinet – Crew

Gurvan Bontemps – Helmsman

The Boat

Patient Lady has seen perhaps more action than any C class catamaran. She was the last of the Patient Lady series owned by Tony DiMauro from Roton Pt, Ct. The long run of success of the PL boats came when PL6 lost to the Aussies Victoria 150. She came out of retirement in 2004 as Steve Clarks second boat, then switched flag, sailing for Fred Eatons Canadian team in 2007, and 3 years later, with a French crew in Newport RI, and she will once again sail under the tricolour again in Falmouth in September.




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