Team Canada

Team: Fred Eaton

Country: Canada 🇨🇦

Boats: Canaan (CAN9), “Fill your hands” (CAN10)

Principal: Fred Eaton

The defending champions, Fred Eaton and his crewman, Magnus Clarke will remain the team to beat

The Team

Fred Eaton says, “We are here to have fun, sailing some great boats with some great sailors“.

Our team was formed in 2004 after the ICCCC in Bristol, RI, with the objective of enjoying sailing time on some wonderful boats.  The team successfully challenged Steve Clark and Team Cogito for the 2007 International C Class Catamaran Championship and then successfully defended the championship in Newport in 2010 at New York Yacht Club, and is pleased to be able to attempt a second defence of the championship at Restronguet Sailing Club in Falmouth, England in September.  Our team is essentially unchanged from 2004″.

The team were also heavily involved with the giant America’s Cup yacht, BMW Oracle which won in early 2010. Its 87m tall rig was so large it would not fit under the Golden Gate Bridge. The winning skipper was later to crew Freds 2007 winning boat, Alpha at the 2010 ICCCC, coming second to Fred and Magnus on Canaan

The Crew

Fred Eaton – General Manager, principle helmsman, ideas guy.

Magnus Clarke – Head of Aerodynamics, principle wing man, good ideas guy.

Steve Killing – Designer, workable ideas guy.

Rob Paterson – Boat builder, morale officer, ideas delivery guy.

Rossi Milev – Boat builder, boat readiness officer.

Billy Gooderham – Secondary helmsman, rigger.

Christian Pavey – Secondary wing man, assistant boat builder.

Assorted friends and relatives – critical support and assistance.

The Boats

Canaan – CAN 9:  Launched 2010.  Winner 2010 International C Class Catamaran Championship, Newport.

Canaan was conceived and launched late in the challenge upon the discovery that the principle boat intended for the defence (Orion – CAN8) was undeniably slow and difficult to sail.  Canaan’s design resulted from the careful review of the team’s assumptions in Orion and practical experience gathered from sailing Alpha (CAN 6) against Orion, and was optimized as a light air boat.  Canaan’s hulls were a design evolution from Alpha, focusing on low-wetted surface area.  Her wing was an attempt to optimize plan form to minimize induced drag.

“Fill Your Hands” – CAN 10:  First launched in 2012.  Rebuilt and re-launched 2013.  Fill Your Hands is designed for windier conditions than Canaan, and intended to be capable of higher top end speeds than Canaan.  She is expected to be the team’s principle boat in Falmouth.




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